Collection: Calabash Farm

Currently a work in progress, Calabash Farm is growing avocado, rollinia, starfruit, abiu, mango, breadfruit, and citrus to sustain the local community.

The calabash represents:

the art of making with our hands,

Traditionally, these beautiful forms were hand carved by skilled craftsmen and passed down for generations. When a calabash broke, it was repaired with pewa patches. Value was added each time the calabash was repaired because of the skilled hands it passed through.

a vessel for lovingly prepared food and a bowl we all eat from,

It reminds us how we are all connected, how we are all on this planet together and our actions affect each other.


The tree the calabash was made from reminds us to honor nature, to use her materials to the very best of our abilities, and for the highest purposes.

and spirit.

A Hawaiian legend says each of us is born with a perfect bowl of light. As we do and experience things that are not pono (right) it’s like placing rocks in our bowl blocking out our light. But, we can change it. We can choose to huli (turn over) our bowl and dump out the rocks that are blocking our light from shining. We can start again—an opportunity to live from our hearts, let our lights shine, and make a positive difference.

- Tiffany DeEtte Shafto